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Audio Post Production

For Film, TV and Radio

909 18th Ave S Nashville TN



With over ten years of experience working in Audio Post and Broadcast Production, we have amassed a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of audio that will benefit your production immensely. We have worked with some of the biggest labels and artists in country music as well as many premier VO talents from around the world. With an extensive background in promotional and commercial production for radio and television, radio tours and media days, corporate, political and educational video production and ADR and sound design for film and television, you can rest assured that the end product will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.


Currently, Shelter Post calls Studio B at Love Shack Studios in Nashville home. The control room is an acoustically treated, highly accurate space, a bit larger than the average living room. The tracking space can hold up to four people and has a 32" television for video playback for ADR and VO sessions. If you have a session that requires more space, we also have access to Studio A at Love Shack (subject to availability). Studio A has a large control room and a large tracking room as well as 3 isolation booths. The studio also includes two lounge areas and a kitchen area. So no matter how big your session is, or how many people are involved, there is enough space to accommodate everyone.

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